What B2B Customers Really Want (Hint: It’s Not Faster Problem-Solving)

Forget the conventional wisdom – B2B buyers are not solely driven by cost and efficiency. A new study reveals they crave choice, connection, and skills growth. Here’s how to tap into these deeper needs to boost loyalty and win their business:

Core Finding: Customers Value Psychological Needs Over Speed

  • Choice Trumps Convenience: 58% of buyers prefer choosing from solutions, even if it takes longer.
  • Connection Wins Over Chatbots: 74% choose human interaction, despite longer wait times.
  • Growth Over ‘Fixes’: 61% want to learn how to solve problems themselves.

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What This Means for You:

Collaborate, Don’t Dictate

  1. Instead of instantly providing the ‘perfect’ solution, present options. This empowers buyers and reinforces decision-making authority.

Connect with Purpose

  1. Skip cheesy GIFs and pushy friendliness.  Offer insights that genuinely help them with current projects or send industry-specific newsletters.

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Empathy is Overrated

  1. Knowledge trumps sympathy. They’d rather feel like you know your stuff than simply understand how frustrating their problem is.

Teach, Don’t Just Solve

  1. Become a knowledge resource, not just a troubleshooting service. This is especially important to attract younger B2B clientele.

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The Bottom Line:

Deeper psychological needs often outweigh the desire for quick fixes. Meeting those needs builds trust, turning ‘clients’ into long-term partners.

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