Where to locate Free Group eCards for Farewells

Rites of departure generally entail hope and happiness amidst sorrow and grief because they comprise a transition from one stage to another. Regardless if it is a staff member who is leaving for a new job, a friend who is relocating to another city, or a dear family member who is launching on a new chapter in life, it is crucial to convey best and warmest wishes. There are many new and effective methods to express such emotions and one of the most popular is the usage of group eCards. Animated $eCards can feature multiple inputs from several people thus making it more unique and personalised. In this great-tutorial, we will also check some websites that provide free group eCards for sayonaras, how to guide to writing favourable messages, and why using eCards instead of paper cards.

Why Choose Group eCards?

Environmental Impact

While a nice touch and certainly more personal in comparison to a text message, the use of traditional paper based greeting cards is brutal to the environment. These include paper usage, printing, and transportation in acquiring those papers they use, all of which affect the environment. While greeting cards are printable often using Paper, eCards are strictly online, and they do not have any share of contributing to deforestation or emission of greenhouse gases that might be emitted through the process of sending physical greeting cards.


eCards offer unparalleled convenience. Since posters can append their messages anywhere and at any time, the process of collecting messages from a group of people from a spread out geographical area is manageable. The specification does not require coordination for signing a plastic card and losing it in the mail.


Some services providing Group eCards will offer additional features, such as designing the cards which may include, themes, choice of fonts, colors, and may also include adding photos or even videos. Introducing a highly unique farewell message that can be in consonance with the tastes of the person to be addressed and the formality or otherwise of the occasion.


They are also convenient in situations where time is limited because once pre-constructed, eCards can be sent instantly. This is especially helpful for unplanned send offs, or when there is no prior schedule to organize the occasion.

Best Social Sites to Send Free Group eCards

1. Sendwishonline. Com


Sendwishonline. To start, farewells com is a web-based system that will enable you to program-group eCards to any occasion and functions.. It possesses several advantages such as a large selection of templates and the availability of receiving an endless number of messages from participants.


Having a range of templates to choose from according to the occasion and party.

Unlimited messages

Option to schedule delivery

I like the convenience of the widget that allows adding photos and GIFs

How to Use:

Select a Card: Select a perfect design from this wide collection of templates for a farewell event.

Create a Link: Choose a custom URL for your eCard.

Share the Link: Include all known participants in the conversation and send them the link through which they can add their messages.

Review and Send: Finally, after gathering all messages, read the card and plan the date of its use.

2. Kudoboard


Kudoboard is another exceptional platform that one can use when looking to form group eCards. What is crucial is that it provides the participants with a digital board where they can submit their messages, images, and videos in this process. The idea of farewell cards makes Kudoboard experience more profound because it is flexible and allows users to create appealing virtual-content.


Interactive digital board

Pros: One of the features that make it easier to use the application is the capability of adding images and videos.

Bonus for students to obtain the board as a souvenir

Scheduled delivery

How to Use:

Create a Board: Begin a new board and select a farewell theme is the typical format as a guideline.

Invite Contributors: Invite collaborators or friends to collaborate on the board or simply get their opinion on it.

Add Content: These include posting on the wall, adding of messages, images and videos among others.

Finalize: To do so, look through the board and, if desired, pass it on to the addressee or simply save a copy of it as a record.

Goodbye cards from Sendwishonline.com offer a heartfelt way to bid farewell to loved ones, colleagues, or friends as they embark on new journeys or transitions in life.

3. Punchbowl


Punchbowl contains standard features similar to physical greeting card invitation service and all of their invitation cards resemble physical ones in terms of design. It comes with an assortment of templates that the user can modify for other uses apart from farewell messages.


High-quality, customizable templates

Cut out shapes with a digital look for the more classic look of an envelope and stamp.

RSVP tracking for events

Integration with social media

How to Use:

Choose a Template: Choose a template of farewell cards.

Customize: Write your own message on the front and back of the card, choose from a wide range of colors and add your favorite pictures.

Invite Contributors: Appreciate the participants to send an email and invite them to contribute by sending their messages.

Send: Finally, the saving and forwarding of the eCard to the recipient.

Advantages of Using Group eCards for Farewells


Fortunately, almost all group eCard services are free with an option for those who would wish to upgrade to the paid eCards which could be helpful in providing a memorable farewell tribute. Although they do offer paid versions, they aren’t necessarily expensive and in fact are far cheaper than buying multiple physical cards and stamps.

Collective Contribution

Unlike most eCards, the Group eCards makes it possible for each person to write their particular message. This collective effort can in fact be more benefitting and all embracing than a single and solitary farewell message.

Easy to Share

eCards can be forwarded through emails or feeds in social media, so the subjects of farewell messages receive them on time and can view them regardless of the place they are in.

Keepsake Potential

Virtual eCard solutions allow persons select the option of printing the eCard or Downloading it in PDF format and hence, the recipient gets a physical item to cherish.


A special attention deserves an eCard which can accommodate different sorts of farewells – from leaving work due to the transfer to another company to the farewell party organized for friends who get ready for a new life in another city. They can be easily modified to fit the given setting, keynote, and the cultural norms of the given society.


The word farewell can be considered in many ways as an individual and the group deserves the best approach and warm feelings to cherish and share something special back to the roots is always great. As group eCards are more of the contemporary, easy to use and also do not have the negative impact of the environment like physical cards, they are ideal for passing these messages. As there are many platforms to use, making an absolutely free group eCard for goodbyes is not very difficult and makes people happy and comfort the person leaving. If you are to write your own farewell message or prepare for exploring other options, following such tips and using the recommendations from this guide is a perfect way to make the farewell message unique and special.